“Restaurant Politics” discusses and analyzes gastronomy from a macrocosmic perspective. Our concerns are socio-economic, innovation, and change. We identify and discuss the most salient and overriding trends and manifestations, both actual and mediated, wherever one finds gastronomic life. You can see this from reading the site in its present form where you may read essays on the growing use and dependence on chemical additives in molecular restaurant food; reasons you may want to consider before ordering tasting menus; the esthetic and moral bankruptcy of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” project; and people and restaurants that are noteworthy or stand out for their uniqueness, historical importance; level of quality; or pointing toward new directions, be they positive or not.

Because I and my contributors are beholden to no one or nothing, we are fearlessly outspoken. We bring to your attention aspects of restaurant and other gastronomy that you may not find elsewhere. We use our many decades of restaurant experiences to impart a sense of connoisseurship and awareness that is unique or uncommon in culinary writing and criticism. We aim to question and be controversial, but also unstinting in our praise when we find something worthy of it. You may not, in fact will not, always agree with what we say, but that is what makes for restaurant (or restaurant politics. Regardless, we champion you, the restaurant patron, and look to improve gastronomic or dining outcomes by being for the consumer.


Robert Brown